Odoo CMS - a big picture

Well, Coco is a name I have always liked and one I chose to use to live out my dream — a sort of alter ego. She lives in my fantasy world. Mojo relates to a type of magic. That led me to the tagline: “Where art mingles with magic.” So we create the products by hand, then paint them and finally give them special finishes to bring out that magic touch. I linked the two words to create a bridge between fantasy and reality.

I carry around a diary where I scribble down my designs and write notes about the discussions I have with people I meet. I never leave home without my little travel diary. I would be lost without it. I have it with me seven-days-a-week. If I don’t have it with me. I’ll start writing on my hands.

I have created a brand that is inspired by the stories I have been told. Each design has a story behind it. I have written a book containing many of these tales, entitled: The Imaginary World. I hope you will enjoy my story, welcome on board.