As I grew older, it seems those dreams are a part of me and so begins my journey inside a book where all my imaginations were transformed into a sea of words and enchanting art. In this journey, once upon a time, when I reached the mountain peak, I transformed myself among the cloud and was blown by the wind towards the land of reflections. I saw reflections of different possibilities below as I drifted by. All my dark shadows were cleared as golden dust came sprinkling down from the sun that shone above me. Dreams are dreams, and the magic we have in life comes within our dreams.

“ This is the place where my journey begins , ever since that fateful day when I was born and from the moment I open my eyes up to the sun, I know I am been made to dream.

“ W.

Coming from a leather business family that started with her great-grandfather, Wendy carries forward the family passion and pride with her own magic. Soon after, she was spellbound by the simplicity and beauty of leather alongside its’ ability to turn dreams into reality. Eager to diffuse the magic and stay true to its’ purpose in a word, Wendy came up with the brand name - Cocomojo.

Going back to her early years, her passion for leather exploded on her 14th Birthday. Just like every father daughter, this pair too shares a special bond. While most young teens get a new phone or an elaborate birthday party Wendy got a handbag. Not just any handbag, one that was made by her own Father. It was this breathtaking little bag, in every way, that marked the beginning of Wendy’s intimate yet arduous relationship with handbags. Which led her to start her own leather bag collection in 2010.

By 2017, she opens her 5th stand-alone stores, which continues the spirit of Cocomojo, to bring good fortune and blessings to the wearer. Her designs are, in essence, captivating paradoxes created with contrasting materials, textures and colors. Adding artistic and craftsmanship excellence to the magic spell, we have Cocomojo bags that are enchanting, trend setting and truly one of a kind.